What Is A Student-Teacher Relationship?

A student-teacher relationship in the classroom is a positive relationship between the teacher and the student in efforts to gain trust and respect from each other. This relationship may consist of getting to know your students better, providing choice and encouraging the students to become stronger learners everyday. By doing this teachers are showing respect to their students, valuing their individuality and being polite. Having a positive relationship with your students helps them become more successful in the classroom as well as makes your classroom a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Ways To Build A Student-Teacher Relationship

TELL ME AND I FORGET, TEACH ME AND I MAY REMEMBER,INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN. There are many tips and tricks that can be used to build a strong student teacher relationship. One way that a strong student teacher relationship can be created is by making it apparent that the teacher cares about the students . This can be done by talking with your students, such as asking about their day. Another way could be by listening to your students, this can be done by hearing their opinions, taking into account their interests, and by learning each student’s unique learning styles. As well you can develop mutual trust with your students, such as providing them with choices and always having their best interest in mind. In addition, you always have to be respectful and fair with each and everyone of your students. You can ensure this by not picking favorites and having the same corrected behavior for each student. Lastly, by giving your students positive words of encouragement and constructive criticism. This is important due to the fact that it creates trust with your students, as they know they can rely on you to be honest.

Advantages of a Student-Teacher Relationship-1

Student- teacher relationships have displayed many advantages in the classroom. To start, students who share a positive relationship with their teacher develop stronger social-emotional skills

Advantages of a Student-Teacher Relationship-2

In addition, these students are more likely to absorb an increased amount of academic knowledge. The result of a strong student-teacher relationship is that it allows students to feel confident through exploration and taking risks in their academic tasks.

Advantages of a Student-Teacher Relationship-3

In short, students who have a positive student-teacher relationship demonstrate a stronger performance in the classroom . However, one of the most important impacts of a positive student-teacher relationship is the production of an environment that incorporates mutual respect.

“A sound mind in a sound body”

One way an educator can produce a strong relationship with a student is to explicitly define learning goals and expectations in a positive manner. This could look different for groups of students or individual students. The strong relationship will allow for educators to be aware of their students’ learning and adjust their learning goals and expectations as needed

Advantages of a Student-Teacher Relationship-4

In the same manner, the educator should allow opportunities for students of all learning styles to participate in class discussions through oral and written communication. In addition to academic advantages, positive student-teacher relationships improve mental health and assists students in developing self-worth. Oftentimes, students look up to their educators as mentors. With this in mind, students are likely to feel pride when the educator encourages them in their learning and social interactions. Social competence, problem-solving abilities, autonomy, and a feeling of a bright future or purpose are protective elements that boost resilience, these all can be developed in a supportive teaching atmosphere. As noted, students benefit from positive student-teacher relationships. Likewise, educators benefit as well. While creating strong relationships with their students, educators are strengthening their own interpersonal and professional skills. By strengthening their interpersonal communication skills, educators are more likely to respond effectively to stressful situations. In addition, educators are able to form relationships with parents and coworkers. In summary, it can be noted that students and educators equally benefit from the creation of positive student-teacher relationships.

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