NEET 2023


NEET 2023

सम्पूर्ण भारत के विद्यार्थियों के लिए

NEET 2023

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NEET 2023

सम्पूर्ण भारत के विद्यार्थीयो के लिए


BIOPERA BIG Advantage - Small Batch Size

Our greatest strength is helping you find yours

At BIOPERA, The batch sizes are small in the range of 20-30 students, personal attention is inevitable and there is better learning for the student.


A small batch is a one which can get the maximum involvement from a student which will ultimately foster the maximum possible learning not only in short term but a learning which will stay for life.

Lesser distractions in Small Batch

A bigger batch size which has many students causes larger distractions and it is entirely possible for a student to lose track of what is being taught.But in Small Batches it is entirely possible for the students to be able to absorb more knowledge as not only there are lesser distractions as compared to a larger batch.

The pace of learning can go as per the students’ needs

Smaller batch strength can possibly also create a better level of teacher student bonding which is also a very important aspect in the learning process.

The Student is our main Focus

Our experiences as students and as professors have taught us the following : 1.The pace of every student is different 2.The students have doubts all the time 3.The students need time for self study To address each of these concerns we have come with a solution of Small Batch with Proper Personal Attention.

“A sound mind in a sound body”

There are 20-30 students per batch. Mentor will be the single point of contact for the student. He will provide personalized mentorship to the student in all areas including study planning, time management and health care. That’s right - health care is also important because as the saying goes - “A sound mind in a sound body”. The mentor will regularly follow up with his or her mentees. We believe that come what may no student should be left out and hence using this model we ensure that every student gets the right guidance.

The Student remains as the main focus in everything we do.

In a smaller batch students can get their doubts better answered as compared to a large batch. Specially in case of the more difficult chapters which require a lot more of conceptual level of understanding, a small batch size is definitely the way to go to not only get the know-how to pass all the exams with flying colors but also to achieve a thorough and in depth understanding of the subject which will help the student going ahead in their career as well.

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